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Giving the Gift of Care

CNS Gift Cards

There are a few times in our lives when we all need a little extra help. Sometimes, we’re afraid to admit that we cannot always accomplish everything on our own. And…many times, we aren’t willing to ask for help. That’s why the Childress Nursing Services (CNS) Gift Cards were created. They help initiate the gift of a helping hand and peace of mind to your loved ones.

Examples of loved ones who can benefit the most:

  • Have a friend or family member who will be having surgery soon? You can order transportation to and from their appointments or a private nurse to stay with them at home while they recover.

  • Know of a friend or family member going through IVF or fertility treatments? You can order Pre/Post-surgery care OR the entire home injection series to get them started.

  • Got a family member or friend who is a caregiver and needs a break from their daily tasks? You can order a few hours or a full weekend of home care.

  • Family member or friend in the hospital or nursing home during the holidays or special events? Then, send them the gift of a private nurse to accompany them at their bedside.

Your CNS Gift Card can be applied to any of our many private nursing services. Any amount can be ordered. Childress Nursing Services minimums still apply. CNS Gift Cards can be used all year long and not restricted to holiday use.

The special gift of care for your loved ones, friends, neighbors, customers or employers/employees, the CNS Gift Card will always be appreciated and remembered.  Contact us to order your CNS Gift Card today!

Childress Nursing Services Home Care Gift Card