Does My Health Insurance Cover Injections?

Assess Your Insurance Coverage

Out-of-Network Coverage

You love the idea of having a trained CNS home injection nurse to administer your injections and monitor you for adverse reactions and overall health status while undergoing injection therapy. However, you want to know if your insurance carrier will help cover some of the cost of services.

Insurance coverage for fertility injections and non-fertility medical injections varies depending on your insurance carrier and your plan’s coverage, rules and restrictions. As a result, check with your health insurance carrier, because many plans allow for “out-of-network” coverage, especially with nursing assessments/evaluation being included in your injection services. Your insurer can let you know if you have some level of coverage for home injections.

Please note that home injection services are paid upfront by you and Childress Nursing Services does not bill your insurance. You will have to ask your insurance provider about their out-of-network provider reimbursement procedure and the reimbursement amount to limit surprise billing. We will provide you with whatever necessary documents that your insurance carrier states that you need from us. You can call our office or have your insurance representative call (after you’ve spoken with our office) to request specific CPT codes related to the type of injection service(s) that you will be receiving.

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