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A Better Way for Temporary Staffing Nurses: Nurse Staffing Residency Program


The Nurse Staffing Problem

Within the global health care system, nurses are the largest group of professionals. As older generation nurses retire and millennials being 186% more likely to become nurses, according to a recent study published in Health Affairs, with 51% of newly licensed nurses leaving their job within 2 years due to factors such as staffing shortage, burnout, disillusionment with nursing, and feeling ill-prepared, healthcare facilities will have to rethink how to recruit, staff, train, and retain millennial nurses.


Along with the rising costs of recruiting and retaining nurses, many facilities have turned to nurse staffing agencies for help. However, nurse staffing agencies are experiencing nurse shortages due to millennial nurses’ complaints of poorly run facilities, feeling “field locked’ with lack of new specialty mobility, feeling like outcastes with “agency” stigmatism by permanent staff, a single nurse having to perform the work of multiple nurses and working dangerous hours consisting of extra and double shifts to cover turnover and shortages. These agency nurses complain of being thrown into a hornet’s nest. They object to having to start their nursing tasks with as little as 20-30 minutes only of dubious and disorganized orientation, faulty computer login information, an overwhelming patient load with high acuity and unfamiliar patients, and expected to deliver quality care in a facility where they don’t even know where the restrooms are located. So, where does this leave nurse staffing for healthcare facilities to figure out in this turbulent market? What about the patients whose quality of care suffers due to this shortage?


On the other hand, there seems to be some light at the end of this staffing nightmare tunnel with nurse residency programs. These programs are typically 1-year in length, tailored to regular new nurse staff only, and provide some combination of additional training, facility orientation, and mentorship with more experienced nurses. Numerous nursing research studies have shown the effectiveness of these nurse residency programs to reduce burnout, turnover, improve nurse clinical and facility performance. However, despite their efficacy, these programs are mainly implemented in hospitals, highly competitive with a few slots available each year and are slowly being adopted due to costs and infrastructure.


The CNS Nurse Staffing Residency Program™ Solution

Recognizing the perils of nursing shortage, complaints of patients, regular facility staff, and staff agency nurses, along with the struggle of overwhelmed nurse management to effectively address both issues, and the promise of nurse residency programs, we at Childress Nursing Services (CNS) have developed a revolutionary, first of its kind CNS Nurse Staffing Residency Program™. By transforming the way staff agency or temp-to-perm nurses are introduced, trained, and oriented to healthcare facilities with immediate or future staffing needs, this residency program aims to address the needs of all parties involved.


The Process

We aim to apply similar principles of a traditional nurse residency program to nurse staffing.


Step 1: Field Nurse Educator

An experienced Field Nurse Educator will set-up a date and time to visit your facility to generate our trademarked 27-page facility report. Aimed to be completed in a few hours, the information gathered in this report is designed to provide the basis by which we train our staffing nurses in-house on your facility's main policies, processes, and procedures. This information is gathered in a unique, innovative way to accommodate all different learning styles. Because this report alone is designed to circumvent weeks’ worth of training needed to properly orient new staff, if our Nurse Educator is unable to generate sufficient information, then s/he will recommend steps needed to take before we can enroll your facility into our program. This is a one-time report and will be updated when your facility has any major change to your policies and procedures.

*For a limited time, gathering this facility report is free of charge for facilities.


Step 2: CNS training

We formulate a CNS in-house training and testing program tailored for your facility. Generated in different formats, we pre-train our nurses on your facilities’ policies and procedures, generate a detailed workflow sheet for each shift, and make sure that our nurses are up-to-date on the nursing skills needed to be successful at your facility. To ensure competency, our CNS staffing nurses must test out of each training module before s/he can start OJT at your facility.


Step 3: OJT Site

Facility-specific hands-on, at-the-worksite-training. Depending on the complexity of your facility’s workflow, the length of this step varies. It is designed to ensure that not only do CNS nurses have the background knowledge but also a firm grasp on his/her nursing duties at your facility. This can range from a couple of shifts to as many as your facility desires.


Step 4: Sub-Pool/Temp-to-Perm

Due to this comprehensive program, our nurses will be viewed as an employee extension of your facility, not "outsider" help. They will be familiar with your facility, regular staff and patients. Our per diem nurses are considered sub-pool nurses, not “agency” nurses. In addition, at this step and depending on your staffing needs, CNS and your company (with our nurse preference) can decide to continue per diem work, pursue an extended contract, or permanently staff your company.

The Results

  • Competitive, lower staffing costs with program participation

  • No additional payroll and benefits package stress for per diem and extended contract work

  • Access to reliable, highly trained and oriented nurse staffing who feels like they are part of your company’s family

  • Decreased burnout from regular staff

  • Increased patient safety, satisfaction and healthcare outcomes

  • Ability to adequately adjust to staffing changes and demands

  • Attract and retain more nurses to your company and field of care

  • Preservation and continuation of your company’s reputation for delivering high, quality care


Is This Program Right for You?

Founded by nurses for nurses, with Childress Nursing Services, you get a dedicated boutique staffing healthcare company that cares and understands the intricate needs of your healthcare facility and nursing staff, not a representative from a larger staffing agency with little to no healthcare experience and only looking to make a quick commission. We view ourselves as an extension of your company and with you every step of the way.


Companies who can benefit the most from our

CNS Nurse Staffing Residency Program™

  1. Healthcare facilities with small to no PRN nurse staffing who needs staffing help regularly or for the occasional vacation and/or sick call.

  2. Doctor’s offices looking to substitute Technicians or Medical Assistants or add services with licensed nurses. Ex. Ophthalmologists, Dentists

  3. Underrepresented healthcare fields. Ex. Fertility clinics, Plasma blood centers, Tissue recovery, Nurse research, School nursing, Occupational Health, Mental Health, Veteran Affairs (VA)

  4. Highly specialized medical clinics

  5. Small, private to large doctor offices

  6. Small, private to large surgical clinics


This program can be extended and customized to any healthcare direct care worker. For more information on how your facility can enroll in our CNS Healthcare Staffing Residency Program™ contact our office. Request more information   Website: www.ChildressNursing.com

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