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Companies: Are you wanting?

  • Increased patient safety, satisfaction and healthcare outcomes

  • Access to more reliable, highly trained and oriented healthcare staff, who feels like they are part of your company’s family

  • Competitive, lower staffing costs

  • No additional payroll and benefits package stress


Healthcare heroes: Are you wanting?

  • Familiarity with a healthcare facility’s policies and procedures before being placed on the floor solo
  • Provide care at a facility and know that you at least have computer login access or patient familiarity

  • Training and support to help you adapt to the needs of the facility

  • Feel respected and valued for your talents and skills

CNS Healthcare Staffing Residency Program

The CNS Healthcare Staffing Residency Program™ Solution

Recognizing the perils of healthcare workers shortages, complaints of patients, regular facility staff burnout, along with the struggle of overwhelmed nurse management to effectively address staffing issues, and the promise of nurse residency programs, we at Childress Nursing Services (CNS) have developed a revolutionary, first of its kind CNS Healthcare Staffing Residency Program™. By transforming the way staff agency or temp-to-perm healthcare professionals are introduced, trained, and oriented to healthcare facilities with immediate or future staffing needs, this residency program aims to address the needs of all parties involved. This program can be customized for all healthcare professionals.


 Companies who can benefit the most from our CNS Healthcare Staffing Residency Program™

  1. Healthcare facilities with small to no PRN healthcare staffing, who needs staffing help regularly or for the occasional vacation and/or sick call.

  2. Medical clinics

  3. Small and large doctor’s offices looking to substitute Technicians or Medical Assistants or add services with licensed nurses. Ex. Surgery, Ophthalmologists, Dentists

  4. Underrepresented healthcare fields. Ex. Fertility clinics, Plasma blood centers, Tissue recovery, Nurse research, School nursing, Occupational Health, Veteran Affairs (VA)

  5. Hospitals

  6. Mental/behavioral health facilities

  7. Adult Family Homes

  8. Long-term care facilities

  9. Assisted living facilities

  10. Government organizations

  11. Private clients


With Childress Nursing Services, you get a dedicated, boutique healthcare staffing company that understands the intricate needs of the healthcare facility and cares to effectively address the needs of healthcare staffing professionals. You are an integral member of our team, and we are with you every step of the way!


For Healthcare Facilities who need help with finding staffing solutions, then please visit the Contact Us page.


For Healthcare Professionals seeking to join our healthcare staffing team, then please visit the Careers page.


Click HERE to read more about our staffing residency program.

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