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CNS Covid Vaccine Home Injection Service

Covid-19 Vaccine

Unable to get to a clinic or just wanting to schedule your Covid-19 Vaccine at home for you and/or your family? 

CNS is a Washington state home health company licensed to deliver your home injections (be it fertility or non-fertility) in the comfort of your own home. You can conveniently schedule online. Our nurses help to make the home injection experience as comfortable as possible with our injection pain reduction techniques.

Service areas: King, Snohomish, Pierce counties.

(Currently, every Washington resident (now, non-resident) age 12+ is eligible to receive the Covid-19 Vaccine.)

NOTE: APPOINTMENT BY ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY - Those who have registered and submitted their Covid-19 Vaccination Registration form for them and/or their household members will be considered only. To prevent wasting of Covid-19 Vaccine, multi-membered homes or facilities with 2 or more vaccine-eligible people (12+ years or older with no history of contraindications / allergies to any Covid-19 vaccine ingredients will be prioritized). To minimize vaccine wastage, we schedule at least 5 people on the same date. If you want to sign up as a community or neighborhood association, then contact us directly. We will not be requiring proof of residency, proof of job, nor proof of medical condition nor medical insurance. *Please do not call our office to inquire about scheduling, canceling, or rescheduling an appointment before submitting your registration. Our office will contact you via phone or email. As our office is experiencing high call volumes, please allow several days for an email or phone call response. Households referred by state/county/city governmental agencies, community-based organizations and/or healthcare practitioners will be considered first.

*Special Note: The registration form's language default is English; however, the form can be translated into 26 different languages by clicking on the upper right hand corner of the registration page and selecting the appropriate language. The form does use an auto translator, so please be advised that some fields may not be properly translated.

Covid-19 Home Vaccination Appointments

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#1 Multi-membered

Households containing 2+ members getting vaccinated during the same home visit are prioritized.   

Family Trip


On April 15, 2021, all persons living or working in Washington state and age 18 or older will be available for a Covid-19 vaccine

Sporty Teens


As of now, only Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is authorized for minors age 12-17 years old. *Now available. Parents/legal guardians can give consent through our registration form.


We have a special Covid-19 Home Vaccination service for those who are pregnant or undergoing fertility treatments.



Complete and submit the CNS Covid-19 Vaccination Registration Form - Individuals and Families for you and/or your household members. Please only submit once. The primary adult in the household is responsible for completing the registration form for all household members. Indicate all the days of the week and times that you are available.


*For facilities/organizations referral submissions, CLICK HERE. For healthcare facilities/others to directly register residents/staff, CLICK HERE

For health care provider home health order referral submissions, CLICK HERE


Once you have received a confirmation email from the CNS office stating that your date and time slot has been confirmed, then be ready at least 30 minutes before your confirmed injection time. Also, quickly respond to any email or text asking you to confirm your availability, # of doses requested and the correct service address sent up to approx. 24 hours before your confirmed date and time. Note: Depending on the circumstances and traffic, your nursing team can arrive a little bit before or after your visit set time. You will receive a "heads-up" call or text alerting you of your nursing team's estimated time of arrival approximately 5 - 10 minutes before arrival. 


For multi-membered households, you will automatically be prioritized. As we have to ensure a certain number of people are registered to prevent vaccine wastage, please allow a couple of days for the CNS office to contact you for further steps. However, you can be contacted for a same-day appointment in less than an hour, so be ready. *Note: Registrants with more flexible available dates and times will increase their chances of an earlier appointment time. 


If you are unable to keep your confirmed home visit appointment date and time, then email our office responding on your appointment confirmation email thread immediately. Do not call. Please wait several days for our office to contact you regarding another date or time. If the CNS office will have to cancel and reschedule your appointment, then you will be contacted immediately via phone and/or email.


In order to ensure we use all of our doses, if there are doses left over for the day or last-minute cancellations, then those placed on the standby/waitlist will be contacted first. However, if no one is available on that date or time listed on their registration form, then CNS will consider new registrants. Community members living close to the Zip Code (less than 5-10 minute driving distance) in which our nurses are currently vaccinating at that time, registering multiple household members and earliest registration date/time will be prioritized. Daily last-mile openings, if available, will be posted in real-time on the Childress Nursing Facebook page, along with the link to quickly submit your registration form. *Note: We do not anticipate having to implement the Last-Mile Appointment feature regularly.



1. Indicate on your CNS Registration form that you would also like to be considered for a Last-Mile Appointment. You will need to provide your phone number to receive texts (CNS is not responsible for phone charges from receiving/sending text messages).

2. Keep an eye on your phone and the CNS Facebook page. We will post "Last-Mile + Zip Code + Number of Appointments available + Website registration page link". *Note: We will attempt to contact those already registered and on our normal Standby/Waiting List first. These postings can happen throughout the day but most will occur at the end of the day between 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm. 

3. If you are selected, then your CNS nursing team will call and/or text you to confirm that you are immediately available, confirm the # of doses requested, and confirm the correct service address, along with their ETA. This is done on a first confirmed, first served basis and a delayed response could get you bumped to a later injection time and date. If you receive a phone call and do not answer, then the next person on the list will automatically be contacted. If you are texted "Reserved" then that means you may be visited that day, if there are an adequate amount of doses left over to service your household and you need to be available immediately up to 2 hours post that text. If it's been post-2 hours, and you have not heard anything, then you can safely assume that the nursing team was not able to get to your household at that time. *Note: Your CNS nursing team can arrive in as quickly as 5 - 10 minutes, so you and/or your family members will need to be quickly ready for injections, as time will be of the essence. If the nurse arrives and the primary adult is not home OR the number of people stated being vaccinated in the household is incorrect, then the nursing team reserves the right to leave and service another household.

**PLEASE NOTE: This Last-Mile Appointment process is ONLY for households that can be immediately ready for a last minute vaccination injection visit in 5 minutes or less. Registering for the Last-Mile list SHOULD NOT be an individual's only plan for getting vaccinated, and you SHOULD NOT expect to be notified every single day.

For more information on how and where to get vaccinated, visit

Submit your CNS Covid-19 Vaccination Registration Form today. It's easy, fast and HIPPA compliant!

- Note: Registration form is accessible on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Have a photo copy of the back and front of  your insurance card(s) to complete the registration form. The vaccine is being provided at no cost by the government. Your insurance will be charged for the costs of administering your vaccination. Covid-19 Vaccine recipients should not receive a bill for vaccination.. If you do, first contact your insurance provider.

*Learn more about our Covid-19 and Flu rapid tests by clicking HERE. Testing with COVID-19 "Coronavirus" IgG/IgM Rapid tests should only be performed in conjunction with other laboratory approved testing and/or clinical observations for the presumptive identification of viral infections in patients who may be infected with 2019nCoV (detected in China in 2019).

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