COVID-19 "Coronavirus" IgG/IgM Testing

Taking care of your health by providing

immediate *Coronavirus antibody testing in 10 - 15 minutes

Corporate / Workplace

Offering health screenings with rapid Covid-19 testing

Healthcare Facility
Onsite Testing

Lending a helping hand to aide hospitals and other healthcare facilities with testing their patients for Covid-19.

Home Testing
(individual & family)

Providing rapid Covid-19 testing in the privacy of your own home for 

you and/or your family

We would love to accommodate your antibody Covid-19 testing needs! 

*To learn more about Covid-19 IgG/IgM serology rapid tests, click HERE. Testing with COVID-19 "Coronavirus" IgG/IgM Rapid tests should only be performed in conjunction with other laboratory approved testing and/or clinical observations for the presumptive identification of viral infections in patients who may be infected with 2019nCoV (detected in China in 2019).