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Home injection support for pregnancy maintenance, such as progesterone and other non-fertility shots.

  1. From those first pink lines until delivery, Childress Nursing Services ensures your pregnancy maintenance shots are administered on time, every time.

  2. One major risk of pregnancy maintenance injections given intramuscularly in the bum or buttocks is sciatic nerve damage from improper injection technique and wrong med administration site. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to provide these injections safely and accurately.  Our CNS Stork Nurse will ensure you receive the proper medication dosages with an experienced injection technique. Through our frequent health checks, your CNS Stork Nurse will also monitor for and help you manage the not-so-pleasant side effects of hormone injections while implementing our Signature CNS Med Check© program. This helps prevent you from over-purchasing expensive fertility injection medications and ensures that you receive the right medication dosages for your treatment plan.

Pregnancy Maintenance injections

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"I was extremely pleased with my experience. My pregnancy test came back positive! I loved, loved the nurse I had. She was knowledgeable, timely, and put me at ease." - AH (traveler to Seattle)

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