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Pregnancy Maintenance Injections

Childress Nursing Services provides home health care pregnancy support nurse for home injections for pregnancy maintenance, such as Progestrone, HCG, Lovenox. Pre and post IVF, during pregnancy and towards the end of pregnancy term

The best maternity support care

Congratulations, you're pregnant! However, shortly after you've received that great news, your doctor tells you... "But, we want to take extra precautions by prescribing you home injections to assist with having a positive and safe delivery". Frequently, these injections are progesterone and/or delestrogen and must be given IM, in the muscle. Because of what they are reconstituted in and where they need to be injected, they can have some tough side effects, such as lumps at the injection site, and be quite painful and uncomfortable. And, if they have to be injected in the buttocks (most common site), then there is the the risk of sciatic nerve injection injuryconstant pain to permanent nerve damage resulting in paralysis of the lower extremities.

However, have no fear! Our highly trained CNS stork will deliver peace of mind, helping you sort out your medication orders, reconstitute your medication, and administer accurately and safely. All from the comfort of home!

"I was extremely pleased with my experience. My pregnancy test came back positive! I loved, loved the nurse I had. She was knowledgeable, timely, and put me at ease." - AH (traveler to Seattle)

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