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Many clients share that fertility shots are scary, especially when it comes to IVF and repeating cycles due to the specialized knowledge needed to administer fertility shots at home. With our experience, the Childress Nursing team will help you maximize your chance of having a successful IVF cycle. We provide fertility home injection support for any ART procedures such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, FET embryo transfer, egg freezing, and egg donation.

  1. IVF Stimulation Phase 

    1. Comprehensive IVF support in the greater Seattle area.

    2. No need to travel to a fertility clinic in Kirkland, Bellevue, or Tacoma- we come to you when you need fertility injections at home.

    3. Whether you need stimulation phase shots, like Gonadotropins such as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). There are several different brand names of medications available. Some common fertility meds include Gonal-F, Follistim, Menopur, Cetrotide, Ganirelix, and Omnitrope. We also assist with HCG trigger shots, such as Ovidrel, Pregnyl, Novarel, or 80 units of Lupron trigger shots. We take care of administering your fertility shots at home, so you can focus on getting the most follicles and embryos possible from your egg retrieval. 

  2. FET (Frozen / Fresh Embryo Transfer) cycles

    1. An embryo transfer cycle means utilizing a fresh (non-frozen) embryo or thawing one or more embryos (frozen during a previous treatment cycle) to transfer that embryo (or embryos) for implantation into the uterus with the attempt to establish a pregnancy. The process is a routine procedure at fertility clinics.

    2. Our trained CNS Stork Nurses assist with pre and post-transfer injections, including Delestrogen (estrogen) and Progesterone in Oil medications.  Other fertility meds at home may include Lupron, Endometrin, Prometrium and oestrogen.

    3. We are happy to share OB/GYN and midwife recommendations to all our families.


Our mission is to remove the stress inherent in your IVF journey. Our CNS Stork Nurses come to you and help coach you through any intimidating points in your fertility journey. Childress Nursing Services proudly provides daily to twice daily visits throughout the stimulation phase.

Fertility injections

CNS african american couple holding baby ultrasound picture.webp

 "Thank you for your support through the IVF process. You are an angel and we are forever grateful!" -DF and TF in Bainbridge Island

(proud parents of ivf baby on 1st attempt)

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