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Leave the worry and hassle of medical injections to us- we’ll provide a highly trained nurse to give your injection at home. Keep life for living and leave the medical injections to Childress Nursing Services.

  1. Our home health injection service ensures comfort in knowing you have a skilled nurse taking care of all your medical injections. 

  2. Injection service is offered on a one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly (or other frequency) basis. Home injection service requests have risen in popularity in recent years due to cost-savings and patients preferring to receive their injections in the comfort of their own homes. With the convenience, savings, and accessibility of home health care, it’s no wonder there is a growing demand for home nurse injections. Instead of traveling to medical facilities for appointments or worrying about administering injections correctly, CNS home healthcare provides one-on-one attention to our patients in an environment they’re familiar with and comfortable in.  Your schedule is our schedule! Contact us today to get started.

Medical (non-fertility) injections

CNS african american couple holding baby ultrasound picture.webp

"Your nurse was wonderful! She made the process extremely smooth and virtually painless for my wife. We are extremely happy!" - DV and DC in Redmond, WA

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