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  • Booking Process Overview
    If interested in paying with insurance, start by visiting: Then, fill out the form for us to verify your insurance coverage or choose the out-of-pocket payment plan that works best for your needs.
  • IVF Frozen/Fresh Embryo Pre-Transfer or Post-Transfer (FET) Injections
    How soon can I book my FET injections? Because of the extra time that it takes to obtain the additional paperwork needed to book FET clients and to ensure adequate nurse coverage, we suggest at least a 2-week advanced booking for FET injection requests. You will need to have your most up-to-date IVF embryo transfer injection calendar. Space is limited. We operate on a first booked, first served basis. I have a special circumstance that requires me to book in less than 14 days. What should I do? Contact our office immediately! My FET injection schedule Contact our office to see if a customized plan can be developed for you. We are very aware of the extended length of injection time and hurdles that comes with embryo transfers.
  • IVF Full Stimulation Cycle Injections
    How soon can I book my Stimulation Injections? Because of the extra time that it takes to obtain the additional paperwork needed to book full stimulation cycles and to ensure adequate nurse coverage, we suggest at least a 7-day advanced booking for full stimulation cycle injection requests. Space is limited. We operate on a first booked, first served basis. I have a special circumstance that requires me to book in less than 7 days. What should I do? Contact our office immediately!
  • Progesterone / Pregnancy Maintenance Injections
    How soon can I book? Because of the extra time that it takes to obtain the additional paperwork needed to book Progesterone clients and to ensure adequate nurse coverage, we suggest at least a 30-day advanced booking for Progesterone injection requests. Space is limited. We operate on a first booked, first served basis. I have a special circumstance that requires me to book in less than 30 days. What should I do? Contact our office immediately! I have a special progesterone / pregnancy maintenance injection schedule other than a once or twice daily injection schedule. So, what plan should I choose? Contact our office to how a customized plan can be developed for you.
  • IVF Trigger Shots
    How soon can I book my Trigger Shot? We suggest at least a 7-day "heads-up" advanced email notice for all trigger shots, as many times, you will not know the exact date and time of your injection until the day before or morning of your trigger shot notification. You can email our office by clicking HERE. However, you will not be allowed to officially confirm book your Trigger Shot until you have a confirmed date and time. *Trigger shot only service visits are not insurance billable eligible. Note: We generally keep a few open slots each day for last-minute trigger shot requests. However, current clients will have priority booking. You will need to have your provider's order with the name of medication, dosage, administration route, date and time of injection ready to upload on the intake form. You can obtain this by uploading a picture or pdf copy of your Trigger Shot prescription (usually found on your pharmacy medication list) and a copy of the email from your clinic with the required medication info. You can also have your provider or provider's nurse type up a order with the provider's dated signature and email that document to our office. My Trigger Shot is today, but I won't know my exact time until after I receive my blood draw results this morning or afternoon. What should I do? We know that many times clients will not know their exact injection date/time until the morning or afternoon of their blood draw. If you did not give us an advanced notice, then you should contact our office immediately to see if we can accommodate your request. Because trigger shots have to be given at an exact time, we take a limited number of trigger shot-only clients and current/prior clients are given priority booking. To avoid your Trigger Shot service request being rejected, it is best to contact our office as soon as possible.
  • Can I book only a few days for my stimulation injection cycle?
    We do not book partial cycles. The only circumstance when "partial" injection cycles will be booked is for a Trigger Shot only visit. The 2 exceptions are for clients who do not reside but traveling to the Greater Seattle metro area (includes Seattle and surrounding cities) and embryo transfer clients. Contact our office immediately, if you are traveling to the area. *Note: You will need to have confirmed travel plans and a booked hotel/temporary residence stay.
  • CNS HELPS aka MommyCare postpartum home support
    Our CNS HELPS (Home Evaluation & Learning Postpartum Service) aka MommyCare is delivered via our signature SocioMaternal nursing care model designed to help your successfully transition from the the hospital / birth center to home. Our 10-point nurse-led care model covers the entire spectrum of your family's postpartum care needs. While our program relies heavy on the care of mom (hence, MommyCare) from tending to the care of mom / birthing parent's physical and emotional health needs, it also teaches best practices on how to best care for baby at home, according to your family's cultural preferences and beliefs. This includes lactation and feeding support, along with baby care, safety, and development. We work with the entire family to develop and execute a plan that will allow the entire family (even, Fido) to thrive with the new bundle of joy(s). Contact us to learn more today! MommyCare info
  • I heard CNS can save me more than it cost. How?
    On national average, without a CNS home injection nurse assistance, people waste approximately $2,500 per cycle on fertility hormone medications. For full cycle clients, your CNS Stork will help manage your medications during frequent "med checks" to prevent you from worrying about running out of meds and subsequently overpurchasing unnecessary medications. Often times, clients end up needing only a couple more medication dosages before their cycle's final dosage or trigger shot. Because medication is often wasted during an unskilled person miscalculating dosages or expelling too much medication while trying to "clear" the syringe, this can leave people short on their medications. So, they can end up unnecessarily having to reorder medication bottles that contain more medication than what is needed for the injection cycle - costing more money. Additionally, as anyone who has ordered fertility hormone medications know, you generally cannot return fertility medications received at home - used or unused. Your CNS Stork is trained to extract as much medication as possible out of containers - right up to the last possible drop. This is important in "extending" medication availability and preventing overpurchasing of medications. Unskilled persons generally do not have this skill. Because you are receiving assistance with injectable medications from a trained, competent CNS Stork, you can purchase the less expensive "non-healthcare professional, user-unfriendly" medication vials, instead of pens and prefilled syringes. This alone can save clients thousands of dollars!
  • What are your hours of operation?
    CNS provides nursing services 24/7, including weekends and holidays. CNS regular office hours are Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm and closed on holidays; however, we do have on-call staff for after-hours emergency support. *Note: wanting to book services last-minute does not fall under emergency support.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Yes! However, trigger shots only or one-time shots only are not insurance billable eligible and must be paid out-of-pocket upon final booking. For more information on health insurance acceptance, then click HERE NOTE: If you plan to pay via insurance, then we require at least a 2 weeks notice before estimated start of care, 4 weeks preferably if you want to ensure that your requested time slots will be available. We do accept FSA/HSA debit cards.
  • What other forms of payment do you accept, besides insurance?
    We accept all major credit/debit cards, ACH debit, FSA/HSA debit cards and CapexMD financing.
  • Do you offer any financing options for services?
    Yes. Our preferred financing provider is CapexMD. For more information, visit
  • Does CNS offer Injection Training?
    No, we do not offer injection training services.
  • What space in my home should I use for injection administration?
    All clients are required to sit or lay down during injection visits (as a preventive measure against any possible vasovagal syncope symptoms, fainting and rapid heart beat during injections). Most clients choose their front room sofa, comfortable mat on the living room floor, or bedroom. Your CNS Stork will adjust to any place of your choosing, so select an area that is most comfortable for you to lay and relax. Additionally, provide a cleared, cleaned hard surface for your nurse to place medical equipment and injection supplies near your place of injection. The surface should be about 3 feet long. Ideal furniture is something like a coffee table, small dining table, ottoman with hard surface, or bedside table.
  • Do CNS Storks wear masks?
    In response to the recent Covid-19 pandemic and because of the serious consequences that a Covid-19 infection could cause (such as IVF cycle cancellations or possible health consequences to unborn fetus), currently, you will see your Childress Nursing Services' Storks and direct healthcare professionals wearing a facemask while in your home. Also, all of our CNS Storks are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Unless medically exempted, all clients and household members present in the room during injection visits are required to wear a face covering throughout the visit.
  • Is CNS a licensed health care company?
    Yes, Childress Nursing Services is Washington state licensed home health agency (License# IHS.FS.60959298) and mobile CLIA certified clinical laboratory (CLIA# 50D2181598). This means that we must undergo regular state department of health inspections to ensure that our company is in compliance with state laws.
  • What is the difference between a postpartum doula and postpartum nurse?
    Postpartum doulas are a non-medical companions, meaning they are not medically licensed to provide care. They can provide limited physical and emotional support after delivery. Some have special education, some do not. Postpartum nurses are college-trained healthcare professionals, who are medically licensed to provide and coordinate postpartum patient care, health care educators with nutritional support experience, while providing advice and emotional support to patients. Why a postpartum nurse? According to this article from Yale, maternal mortality rates in the US are increasing. Maternal mortality refers to the death of woman during pregnancy and up to 1 year after delivery. Numerous studies have also shown that many of the deaths are preventable with the highest rates of death occurring within the first 14 days postpartum and start to peak back up after the famous "6-week" check-up, when women are discharged from their OB/GYN and back to their primary care physician. So, what are some ways in which we can adequately address this deadly problem? At CNS, we think we are losing our moms because of the lack of a licensed healthcare professional in the home trained in identifying and addressing maternal mortality risk factors. This is why we developed our comprehensive SocioMaternal CNS HELPS aka MommyCare program. CNS HELPS provides trained, medically licensed nurses to care for you at home from 0 to 12 months postpartum. To sign up for postpartum support service, then click here: CNS HELPS Healthcare providers, you can refer your patients to our CNS HELPS program by clicking here: PROVIDER REFERRAL
  • What type of injection services does CNS offer?
    We provide most medical and fertility home nurse injections.
  • Can I travel to your home office for injection service?
    CNS is a home health company, meaning that we are licensed to provide services in the client's place of residence or dwelling only. Being a mobile health care unit means you get to skip the traffic, while we provide services in the comfort of your own home, office, hotel, and yes, even on your yacht.
  • What items will I need during my injection visit?
    Don't worry. We will let you know upon booking what items that you could acquire (not mandatory) to make your hormone treatment experience a bit more comfortable.
  • Does CNS provide home health services in my area?
    We currently operate in the state of Washington only. We service King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties.
  • Do you accept clients traveling to the Seattle metro area from a different state or country?
    Many times, clients traveling to Seattle and surrounding areas for business or vacation will book our home injection service during their visit. If this will be you, then contact our office as soon as you are aware of your travel plans, so we can accommodate your injection service needs. We will travel to your hotel, place of residence or dwelling within the area. *Note: We do not book traveling clients, until they have confirmed their travel plans and have booked the hotel or lodging stay. It's ok, if you do not have your room number upfront, but you will need to know the address and dates that you are requesting services.
  • How many CNS Storks (nurses) will be in charge of my care?
    Each CNS client is assigned to a nursing team. We try to limit the number of nurses who will be administering your injections; however, we need to make sure that we have adequate coverage, as it gets pretty tough to ask one nurse to work several weeks in a row without a day off. As a result, you can be assigned several nurses to your nursing team.
  • Can I choose the gender of my nurse?
    We want to ensure that you are comfortable during your entire injection cycle. We also understand that some clients may have certain personal or cultural beliefs regarding which gender administers their medical treatment. We will try to accommodate your request as much as possible and will note your gender preferences in your client profile. If you have any further questions or special requests, then please CONTACT US
  • Can I meet my nurse before my injection start date?
    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is recommended that contact be limited with those outside your household. As a result, you will meet, most likely your primary nurse, on your first injection visit.
  • What can I expect during my 1st injection visit?
    A few days before your projected start date, you will receive a "What to Expect" document from us that will go over what to expect during your first and subsequent visits, along with some helpful tips to make your injection cycle more tolerable and comfortable. Your 1st injection visit (granted no medical emergencies arise due to adverse reactions / side effects from medications) will be the longest visit and can take up to 1 hour. This visit includes: quick meet & greet, medication overview & process with your 1st health check, 1-to-1 Q&A session, and more.
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