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At Childress Nursing Services (CNS) our aim is to deliver top-notch home health care. In our years of operating as a private nursing company, we have noticed home care services in the field of fertility and maternity home care were severely lacking, compared to other areas of home health care. So, we decided to rise to the challenge and provide greater home care access for these families. 

As a home health agency licensed by the state of Washington, we are the 1st home health company in the state uniquely focused on supporting women and their families from pre-conception to post-delivery. Although we are a full service home health agency, our services are primarily geared towards providing home injection services in the Greater Seattle, Washington metro area.

Our company mascot is the CNS Stork. A stork is the age-old symbol of fertility, motherhood, strength, fidelity, and delivering prosperity. Consequently, our team of nurses are referred to as CNS Stork, whom aim to deliver Complete Nurturing Solutions to the doorsteps of our clients. We ensure that all CNS Storks are not only licensed and credentialed but properly trained on delivering exceptional home health nursing care.

We know that the road from pregnancy to post-delivery can be quite long and arduous, especially for those dealing with infertility. So, we are here to help you develop and manage a personalized home healthcare plan that’s most effective for you and your family. Our healthcare team is grateful to play a role in helping families achieve their dreams of parenthood and treasure every baby shower invitation, baby picture, and “We’re pregnant!” card we receive from clients.



  1. We believe that providing home health care services is truly a privilege and should be approached with the upmost care and skill.

  2. We believe that access to in-home fertility and maternity support services strengthens families and builds a broader and better-connected community support system.

  3. We believe that every person has the right to have access to worry-free, home injection support services.

  4. We believe that a woman or couple has the right to say, “Baby, maybe?’ and utilize the technology of Egg Freezing and/or Egg Donation to make the choice and reserve the ability to get pregnant in the future.

  5. We believe each person or couple has the right to choose ART (Artificial Reproductive Technology) for their fertility desires.

  6. We believe that raising infertility awareness and highlighting the need for extended maternity home support will result in families receiving more support from lawmakers and health insurance companies.




If you are:

  • Requesting a nurse to provide you with in-home injectable medication support and residing in the greater Seattle, Washington metro area.

  • Travelling to the Seattle, Washington or surrounding areas & needing injection services.

  • Receiving injectable medication treatments for IVF, ICSI, IUI, Egg freezing, Egg donation, etc.

  • Requesting home injection support, because you OR your significant other/family member/friend is not able or uncomfortable with injecting medications with syringe needles. 

  • Wanting a way to show strong support for your partner, son, daughter, grandchild, friend, co-worker, etc. needing home injections for medical support or ART procedures such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, Egg Donation, or Egg Freezing.


As healthcare advocates for our clients, CNS strives to continuously raise the bar on the quality and diversity of home health care. Therefore, feel free to take a look around our site, and check out our different services and products. If any meets your needs, then feel free to book a CNS Stork.

Many years of health and wellness to you! 

Childress Nursing Services





CNS is a certified Washington State Office of Minority & Women's Business Enterprise

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