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Does My Health Insurance Cover Services?

Childress Nursing Services nurse giving

Assess Your Insurance Coverage

In-Network Coverage

You love the idea of having a trained CNS Stork home health nurse to administer your injections at home and monitor you for adverse reactions and overall health status while undergoing treatment. However, you want to first know if your insurance carrier will help cover some of the cost of services.

Insurance coverage for fertility injections and non-fertility medical injections varies depending on your insurance carrier and your plan’s coverage, rules and restrictions. So, check with your health insurance carrier first, because many plans allow for in-network coverage for home health services. Your insurer can let you know if you have some level of coverage for nurse home health injection services.


You can also contact our medical billing department, so we can contact your insurance provider and inquire about your coverage details. This way, our office can give you a detailed report of what sort of insurance coverage (if any) that your insurance company provides and if there are any estimated out-of-pocket costs that will incur. Please note that the level of insurance coverage varies from person to person, even those working at the same company.


Most clients who do have full insurance coverage through our in-network providers pay little to no out-of-pocket costs for our services, especially if you have paid your deductible or out-of-pocket maximum with one of our in-network providers, particularly Premera Blue Cross.   

*Note: Trigger Shots only OR one-time injection only visits are not insurance billable eligible at this time.

In-Network Insurance Companies

CNS has contracted with the following insurance companies and are considered In-Network Providers:

Premera blue cross and Childress Nursing Services insurance partnership

*Premera tip: Many of our clients pay less than $30/visit!

Life Wise Health Plan of WA and Childress Nursing Services partnership
First Choice Health Network and Childress Nursing Services partnership
Kaiser Permanente and Childress Nursing Services Partnership

If you would like for CNS to check if your insurance plan could cover some or full service costs, then click the "Verify My Insurance" button below to fill out our form.

Note: You will need to upload copies of front and back pictures of your insurance card. Trigger shot only or 1-time injection visits are not insurance billable eligible at this time, If your insurance plan is not in-network OR does not cover home health injection services, then CONTACT US for out-of-pocket pricing plans or other financing options. *Estimated visit cost with a paid deductible

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