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Injection Services

Childress Nursing Services provides home health care fertility injections and ivf injections in the home by a home injection nurse. IVF injection nurse. Fertility injection nurse. Home injection nurse. IVF trigger shot, IUI, ICSI, egg freezing.
Fertility / IVF / FET

Infertility home injection support for any ART procedures, like IVF, ICSI, IUI, FET embryo transfer, Egg freezing, Egg donation, 

Childress Nursing Services provides home health care pregnancy support nurse for home injections for pregnancy maintenance, such as Progestrone, HCG, Lovenox. Pre and post IVF, during pregnancy and towards the end of pregnancy
Pregnancy Maintenance

Home injection support for pregnancy maintenance, such as Progesterone and other non-fertility injectables.

Childress Nursing Services provides a home injection nurse for clients in the Seattle, WA area for those need home health medical care support for illness or disease. For those receiving injections, like Insulin injection, Mental Health injection, Autoimmune disorder injection, Duxipent injection
Medical (non-fertility)

In-residence support for non-fertility injectables to maintain and promote health, such as Diabetic Insulin, Mental Health, Autoimmune disorders, etc.

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