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 "Thank you for your support through the IVF process. You are an angel and we are forever grateful!" -DF and TF in Bainbridge Island

Common List of Injections Requested

  • Pregnyl aka HCG, Ovidryl (trigger shot) injections

  • Progesterone injections

  • Gonal-F Injections

  • Menopur injections

  • Repronex Injections

  • Bravelle Injections

  • Follistim Injections

  • Cetrotide Injections

  • Lupron Injections

  • Factrel Injections

*We also provide Pre/Post-Egg Retrieval Surgery Care. This includes Luxury Transportation to and from the clinic, Emotional support throughout the procedure, Pharmacy pick-up, and In-Home or Hotel Private Nursing overnight care by a licensed nurse. FSA/HSA eligible.

Timing is EVERYTHING when receiving fertility treatments and getting your home injections accurate and on-time is crucial to achieving your dreams of parenthood. 

Fertility in-home injection medications can get overwhelming as the medication names, dosages, frequencies, timing and boxes pile up. 

So, ease your worries. Let a trained nurse take care of injecting your Fertility medications. Now, you can focus more on picking out that awesome baby stroller and less on trying to figure out how you're going to manage all of those injections. 

Childress Nursing Services is Seattle's Premiere Nursing Fertility Home Injection Service

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Fertility Injection Services