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Childress Nursing Services has been nominated for WA state DOH's 2022 Immunization Champion Award!

Each year, the Washington State Department of Health honors its Immunization Champion jointly given to each state from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Association of Immunization Managers. Nominations for the Immunization Champion Award come from all over the state of Washington. These nominees are then reviewed and selected by health professionals from around the state and one individual is chosen as the state's Immunization Champion.

The Immunization Champion Award is given to the individual who has significantly impacted their communities through the promotion of immunizations. This year's addition to the vaccine promotion list includes the COVID-19 vaccine. As a result, CNS Administrator, Quiana Daniels, is among the list of nominees for her efforts through our Childress Nursing Services' COVID-19 Vaccination In-Home Program. As the developer of our in-home vaccine program, Quiana has worked hard to ensure that our program provides equitable vaccine access for all members of our community. Individuals helped via CNS vaccination efforts include BIPOC communities, homeless population, homebound individuals, elderly and special needs individuals - all ranging from 6 months to 100 years old! She has also led our company's collaborations with multiple community-based organizations and partnership with Public Health Seattle & King County as a mobile vaccine provider in King County.

At CNS, we are proud of the work that our CNS Storks have done and are doing to ensure that our communities stay safe, so we can thrive and grow past the COVID-19 pandemic!

You can read more about Quiana's nomination and other nominees by visiting: 

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