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Our Vision

Provide 360° culturally-competent SocioMaternal primary nursing support in the home aimed at fully supporting women's health by increasing the accessibility of in-home fertility and maternity services, bringing preventable maternal mortality rates down to ZERO while significantly lowering US postpartum depression rates.

Our Mission

To empower and provide Complete Nurturing Solutions to women and their families from pre-conception to post-delivery by becoming the premiere fertility & maternity reproductive home health provider in the communities we serve.

Our Promise

Deliver top-notch home nursing services with a loving and caring heart.

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Taking care of your health by providing
Worry-Free, Nurse Injection & Postpartum Support
At Home

Childress Nursing Services fertility inj
IVF / Fertility

Get all your fertility injection needs met from daily IVF injections to Trigger Shots.

pregnant woman with baby belly - childre
Pregnancy Maintenance Injections

Delivering pregnancy maintenance injections from Progesterone to Lovenox.

Medical (non-fertility) Injections

Providing short-term or long-term medical injection therapy to your home.

aka MommyCare
Postpartum support

Helping your family successfully transition from hospital / birth center

to home

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