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Childress Nursing Services

Personalized Care Solutions

Childress Nursing Services (CNS) aims to successfully re-integrate clients back into society by using our elite private nursing and healthcare staffing services to help clients restore or reach their top functional social-health status, leading to increased interaction and participation in their local and global communities. This is done by utilizing our NPNBs (Nursing, Psychology, Nutrition, Biology, Sociology-focused) social-health nursing model. For example, CNS luxury services range from helping that wheelchair-bound teen attend his/her senior prom, healthcare staffing, making sure you get to your surgery on-time and heal properly in the comforts of your own home, to providing worry-free  fertility injections, so the hopeful future parents can focus more on picking out baby names and less on the fears of unskilled injections. CNS can also be seen hosting your next corporate wellness event or participating in the community health fair. Along with providing superior care and cost-effective services, Childress Nursing Services specializes in working with you to develop and manage a personalized, social-health strategy that’s most effective for you.