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24/7 Fertility & Family Nursing Care Services

Fertility & Maternity Reproductive Home Healthcare for Greater Seattle

Childress Nursing Services (CNS) is a Greater Seattle metro area home health care provider specializing in fertility and maternity nursing services, empowering couples through their journey to parenthood. We proudly service the East Side of Seattle, including Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, the Bothell area, Mercer Island, Renton, and Tukwila.

Tamara's Story






Timing is EVERYTHING when receiving fertility treatments and getting your home injections accurately and on time is crucial to achieving your dreams of parenthood.​

Fertility in-home injection medications can get overwhelming as the medication names, dosages, frequencies, timing and boxes pile up. 

So, ease your worries. Let our trained fertility nurses take care of administering your Fertility medications. You focus on picking out baby names and less on trying to figure out what exactly “Inject 4 mg, 0.8cc, 0.8 mL or 80 units of Leuprolide Acetate SQ…” means.

Fertility / IVF / FET

Congratulations, you're pregnant! However, shortly after you've received that great news, your doctor tells you... "But, we want to take extra precautions by prescribing you home injections to assist with having a positive and safe delivery". Frequently, these injections are progesterone and/or delestrogen and must be given IM, in the muscle.


Because of what they are reconstituted in and where they need to be injected, they can have some tough side effects, such as lumps at the injection site, and be quite painful and uncomfortable. And, if they have to be injected in the buttocks (the most common site), then there is the risk of sciatic nerve injection injury, constant pain to permanent nerve damage resulting in paralysis of the lower extremities.

Pregnancy Maintenance

Does the thought of having to inject yourself or a loved one with a medication seem too intimidating, especially when you have little to no healthcare experience? Medication injection is a big responsibility. If not done properly, it can cause accidental complications. ​


Ease your mind. Take comfort in knowing that you have a skilled nurse who will take care of all your injectable medication needs. We provide home injection nurse assistance with home medication injections that help you or your loved one keep living the life that you want.

Home Medical Care

Quiana Daniels, CNS Founder

Quiana is deeply committed to her community, serving in Vice-Chair roles on both the Washington State Board of Nursing and the King County Board of Health, where she passionately advocates for public health and racial equity.


Through CNS, she strives to make home fertility and maternity nursing more accessible and equitable, bringing essential services to underserved populations.


Quiana’s vision is to improve maternal health outcomes and ensure everyone receives the care they deserve. Her dedication to healthcare equity and excellence is not only transformative but also truly inspiring, paving the way for a brighter future for countless families.

Quiana has turned her life’s challenges into powerful motivation. Overcoming homelessness at 16 and becoming a first-generation college graduate, Quiana was recognized by former First Lady Michelle Obama & named ABC World News Tonight's Person of the Week for her incredible resilience & high academic achievements.


She established Childress Nursing Services (CNS) in 2017 as Washington’s first home healthcare company specializing in fertility and maternity care, earning accolades like the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Health Care Leader “Up & Comer” award in 2023 & Top 40 under 40 in Washington.


In 2024, she made history as the 1st nurse in Washington to receive a Washington state multi-state nursing license. Quiana holds both LPN and RN healthcare nursing professional licenses.

Our Clients' Stories


We are so grateful to the team at CNS Home Healthcare for all their help with our IVF injections! They were so knowledgeable and helped my wife feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. We would highly recommend their services to anyone going through IVF!



So incredibly thankful for Childress Nursing Services as I started two weeks of IVF daily shots (2x a day!). This team is what made the two weeks less scary, the most comfortable it could be and the support I received throughout was absolutely amazing. They provided me such a huge relief from the anxiety I had going into the shots/hormones to let my body focus on taking care of myself for the best outcome possible of as many eggs retrieved as possible!


10000000% recommend this amazing service to any IVF warriors out there looking for the absolute best care and support! Best investment we made in our IVF journey, thank you so so much Childress Nursing!!!! 💕



The most important part of the fertility treatments is taking the injections right and staying positive. Childress Nursing…played a key role for us during both our cycles...was on top of everything and answered all our questions and kept us positive throughout the journey. During my first cycle, I was in so much pain after I started stims. Keeping that in mind [my nurse] worked with [me] from the beginning of my second cycle and I had little to no pain during my second cycle.


The customer service office is very responsive and answer any questions we [had] within 24 hours. The whole team is compassionate and they go way above and beyond to make sure we are comfortable and our treatments yield the maximum success.


I would 100% recommend Childress Nursing to make the process less stressful…


Helping You Successfully Navigate IVF Stimulation with CNS Storks

In the challenging journey towards parenthood, "Fertile Pathways" emerges as your steadfast companion, offering guidance, insights, and unwavering support for navigating the intricate landscape of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) stimulation. Created in collaboration with Childress Nursing Services (CNS) in-home medical support services, this workbook is your essential resource for achieving your dream of starting a family.

Guiding You Through Embryo Transfer with CNS Storks

In the remarkable journey toward parenthood, "The Embryo Whisperer's Handbook" emerges as your steadfast guide. This meticulously crafted workbook, in collaboration with Childress Nursing Services (CNS) in-home medical support services, serves as your essential companion.

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