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Personalized healthcare at your doorstep

Full-Service Home Healthcare for Greater Seattle

Many clients share that fertility shots are scary, especially when it comes to IVF and repeating cycles due to improper timing of their fertility shots at home. With our experience, the Childress Healthcare team will help you maximize your chance of having a successful IVF cycle. We provide infertility home injection support for any ART procedures such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, FET embryo transfer, egg freezing, and egg donation.

Fertility injections

Home injection support for pregnancy maintenance, such as progesterone and other non-fertility shots.

Pregnancy maintenance injections

Leave the worry and hassle of medical injections to us- we’ll provide a highly trained nurse to give your injection at home. Keep life for living and leave the medical injections to Childress Healthcare.

Medical injections

What We Offer

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