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Infertility and Your Relationship

Many times infertility can test the endurance and strength of your relationship. The time, money, external societal pressure, physical and mental exhaustion can prove to be quite a challenge on couples. As you battle infertility, keep the end goal in sight. You decided to become parents to further deepen your relationship bond. To reproduce a small part of yourself to nourish, love and gift to the world. So, don't let your fertility struggles destroy the reason for you wanting to become parents - to strengthen your relationship and extend that bond to your child.

Do keep in mind, that your CNS Stork (fertility home nurse) will not only be by your side administering your home fertility injections but serves as a resource to help or get answers to your questions or concerns. Your CNS Stork will also lend an understanding ear and shoulder to scream, complain, or cry when you need to show your emotions or vulnerabilities. Additionally, you will be educated on some best practices to keep your stress levels down, as your CNS Stork helps you manage potential side effects from the hormonal injections. Yes, your CNS Stork will support and cheer you along the way; however, in addition to your home support, we also encourage you to join an infertility support group or seek professional counseling to help you deal with the what can soon become a very overwhelming process.

These t-shirt designs can be purchased from our upcoming CNS Store.

*Percentage of all store proceeds goes to our CNS Community Impact Program's mission to promote infertility awareness, maternity education, point-of-care testing and scholarship fund for clients requesting our home care services.

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